Micro-Pedi™ Tornado Rechargeable Callus Remover



Micro Pedi Tornado is a super powerful, innovative rechargeable device created to smooth dry, rough and calloused skin on the feet. The micro-mineral roller spins 360 degrees and pulverizes dead skin in seconds. 2 speed operation and lots of accessories lets you be the pro right at home.

  • Gently and effectively buffs away, in seconds, hard and dry skin on the feet
  • Unique roller with micro-mineral particles pulverizes dead skin in an instant
  • Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which uses blades to cut the skin
  • Easier to use than the other methods, that require constant rubbing
  • Immediate results
  • 2 speeds
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Cordless and rechargeable

Available in 3 colors

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Compare our full range of Micro-Pedis

3D Micro-Pedi Power
Plug-in Top Pick – Our newest, most unique model. Always consistent power and supplied with Flex rollers.
Micro-Pedi Tornado
Rechargeable Rechargeable and ergonomic. Comes with 2 extra rollers and 3 cone precision rollers.
Micro-Pedi Nano
Battery Ergonomic & portable. Makes a great stocking stuffer or party gift.
Micro-Pedi MAN
Battery Micro-Pedi is for everyone! Installed with a super coarse roller for men's tougher calluses.
Micro-Pedi Nano Corded
Plug-in Same as Nano, but with more consistent power and no need to change batteries.
Micro-Pedi Classic
Battery Classic Micro-Pedi design.
Micro-Pedi Pro
Rechargeable Powerful and rechargeable. Gift boxed with an extra roller included.
Emjoi Seal
Rechargeable Not just a Micro-Pedi but also an epilator for hair removal!

Customer Reviews


    I have been purchasing products to remove calluses literally for over twenty years and I think this is the best product I have ever purchased. The women in my family have everything already, so I will definitely be buying more of these for Christmas gifts! Gina L, TN
  • WOW!

    I have purchased many items for my feet and this is by far the best. My feet are actually smooth now…WOW. I have used a couple other products in the past that performed no where near what the Emjoi did. Never again! Jan G., CA
  • Recommend! A+!!

    Considering all the good reviews about this product I was so excited to purchase it....Tried it and so glad I did! I have used many others and they do not have the same results! My feet feel smoother, and more importantly look WAY smoother. It totally buffs away the dead skin and leaves toes and feet soft and healthy looking. I didn’t even need to apply lotion! Mila M., FL
  • Smooth Feet Can Be Easy!!!!!

    I'm usually skeptical when it comes to callus removers and purchasing other beauty supplies online, but I really shouldn't be so surprised at how well this this works after reading the reviews! This was A CINCH! It felt fine, didn't even hurt, and was easy to hold and use. My heels were in awful shape, but ended up perfectly smooth without any ashy color after only two uses. Extremely satisfied with my Emjoi and will definitely recommend to friends! B. Greene, NY
  • Best Buy!!

    I just purchased my first emjoi and am extremely delighted with it! My feet were always extremely dry and rough. I was self-conscious about it because I like to wear open shoes in the summer. To find something that is so easy to use, and makes my toes soft and sexy again is nothing less than a MIRACLE!!!! Me AND my husband thank you for your product!!! Carol B, CA
  • Great Product! Recommend to anyone!!

    I am literally in love with this emjoi! It is the best product I have ever used to keep my toes and heels soft! Annette, MO
  • Recommended!!

    Great product. My feet are seriously callused so I wish there was an even courser option but overall my feet felt softer in the end. Del, MS
  • EASY!!! A+!

    This works very efficiently for getting rid of calluses. It is easy to use with a little practice. DeeDee, CA
  • Great for the whole family!

    This product is fabulous and works GREAT! It gets your whole foot extremely smooth and definitely ready for summer! I recommended it to some family members and will definitely recommend it to all my friends as well. It's a great price for a great quality product. Don’t waste any more money on spa pedicures. Get the Emjoi instead! Amanda Z., MI
  • Great

    This product is phenomenal! I just received it as a gift and I couldn't wait to use it! I saw results after the first use. My feet appreciate it! Cali, NY
  • HIGHLY Recommended!!

    This product is wonderful and works GREAT! It's gets your feet/heels super smooth and definitely summer sandal ready. I already recommended it to my sisters and my mother and will definitely recommend it to all my friends, also. It's a great price for such a good quality product. Save your money on spa pedicures and get the Emjoi instead! Manda Joy, CA

    This product is amazing! I received it as a gift and I couldn't wait to use it. I saw immediate results after the first use. My feet thank you! Cali D., NM
  • A+ Product!!

    This product has everything one could need to have soft feet. It does a fabulous job and it saves you so much money because you won’t have to get pedicures so often or even at all! I love this product and I think everyone should own one.. Caitlyn K., OR
  • I was hesitant to get this because recently several reviews were negative, but as soon as I put it to work I was pleasantly surprised at how quick, easy, and fast it worked and how soft and smooth my feet felt afterwards. I've only used it once, so time will tell how long the rollers last, but right now I'm very pleased. Kerry, CA
  • There are no telling HOW many pairs of pantyhose I ruined over the past 50+ years due to dry scratchy heels, but thankfully I won't EVER have to deal with that again! : ) I can wear sandals without worrying about nasty cracked heels, and I don't mind my feet touching each other because now they are soft and smooth! B.D., NC
  • Saves money and time!!

    I don’t know how I went all these years without one of these!! I am 76 years old and the money I have spent on pedicures would shock you! I’m proof you can teach an old dogs new tricks. Thank you for this wonderful product. Pat, TX
  • Last week I ordered the foot buffer and it came in the mail yesterday afternoon. After just ONE time using it, my heels are the softest, smoothest they have been since I was a kid! I LOVE this... it is SO easy to use, and works so well, so fast... I wish I had had one of these ages ago.
  • I am a professional pedicurist(10+ yrs) and this is the best thing I have ever used. I only use this on myself but have told many clients about it. You don't need to use alot of pressure like some are saying, a light hand is best. If you have bad calluses or cracked heals be patient, use it every other day followed by some good cream. You should never use anything that looks like a chesse grater on your skin! Deniese R., TX
  • I go barefooted a lot and have for over 50 years. I've also had rough scratchy heels for as long as I can remember. I saw this MicroPedi foot buffer on tv and wished I'd ordered it when I saw it the first time.
  • I bought this as a gift for someone who was looking for a replacement of a similar item. She'd tried a few products like it, but was unsatisfied. The Emjoi really did the trick, apparently, as the next time we chatted she couldn't say enough good about it. The price was right, too, coming in on the lower end of similar items. I rate it a buy. Laura, MN
  • I've used a pedi egg forever and it works but nothing like this thing. I got this because I wanted something that didn't require so much "elbow grease" to work. (I got tired of scrubbing with the pedi egg). This thing works quickly and easily and really gets the dry skin off. Love it. Sadie, PA
  • This is just fabulous. period. end of story. just try it.
  • I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. Prior to buying this product, the only time the bottom of my feet felt smooth was after a pedicure but now they feel smooth all the time with this product! I truly mean it-this product really does a great job! I wish I knew about it years ago. I have not bought extra rollers yet but from the looks of others reviews the rollers are a bit pricey. I also wish they sold them in bulk. Wila Effer, IA
  • !!!!RECOMMENDED!!!!

    I live in Florida so I wear flip flops all year round. However, my heels have been messed up for a while now and they have been callused and really painful if I step in a certain way. I’m not playing around when I say my feet are really funky! After a SINGLE USE, my feet were unbelievable, people! I still can’t even believe it. It’s truly amazing. My mom doesn’t wanna believe me, but she will soon because I just ordered her one too! Abigail, FL
  • Doctor recommended!!

    A Podiatrist recommended I try a micropedi to remove my painful callouses. So glad I did! My felt great with the Emjoi! My Christmas shopping is done! THANKS A MILLION!!! Danetlau Rupa, NJ
  • Soft feet once again!!

    I had rough callouses and had been checking the reviews on this for the last 6 months and decided to go ahead and try it after my neighbor recommended it to me and I am sooooo glad that I did!! My feet are as soft as a newborn baby's booty!!! Thank You Emjoi!!!!!! Rosa Maria Hernandez, CA
  • Really Works!!!

    Even though the reviews were great, I was still skeptical about the product because I thought my feet were just beyond help. Especially because my husband used to refer to them as the Sahara Desert. My feet are so nice now, I started making fun of his feet and now he wants to get a micro pedi too. Success is the best revenge! Billie May Hawkins, LA
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!!!!

    I cannot believe how well this product worked!! I swear my husbands feet used to be able to cut through sheets, now they are baby smooth! It was also so simple to use. Joyce B., GA
  • Really WORKS!!!!

    We have spent over $100 on products trying to get rid of my husbands callused feet! In just 10 seconds his callouses are gone! Best product out there! Lorin, TX
  • Great Gift idea!

    I bought this last year and have purchased many more for gifts. I just love getting things for people that they actually use and love! Anna Teeker, KS
  • Was a little skeptical but thoought for the price how could you go wrong. My husband and I both love it . Thanks again QVC for the great product Mona, CA
  • Easy to use and it works!

    My calluses are gone thanks to the lovely emjoi micro pedi! Use it outside though because it creates a lot of dust if your feet are dry like mine were!! K.S., TN
  • 5 out of 5 stars!

    I recommend to everyone. Shenaya Bosworth, OK
  • Great all around!

    I’m in love with this product and the customer service is amazing as well. My machine stopped working and the company sent me a new one right away with no extra charge. This one has been working fabulously!! I’m beyond impressed!!! I'M IMPRESSED, IMPRESSED, IMPRESSED. Dierdre, AL
  • Awesome!!!

    I’m always was skeptical when it comes to online shopping but I read the all the positive reviews and decided to give it a shot. I gotta say this is the first time a machine has actually removed the calluses from my feet. I highly recommend this product. Elle Marchforth, CT
  • I LOVE this thing!!!

    Works like a charm every time! I can’t imagine life before my Emjoi! I’m a letter carrier, so I have tried numerous callous removers and this is the best by far! George, TX
  • I recommend this the Emjoi Micro Pedi!!!

    I couldn’t recommend EMJOI MICRO-PEDI BATTERY OPERATED CALLUS REMOVER enough because it does a fantastic job. It is also easy and painless to use (just tickled at times). I really did not want to go to a salon to get my callouses removed and EMJOI allowed me to remove them in the comfort of my own home with no fear of fungus infection. Thank you EMJOI. Chris C., GA
  • Easy!

    Bringing my summer sandals out, but my feet were looking HORRIBLE! I decided to try this and was amazed at how well it worked. My feet are soft again after one use and believe me they were awful when I started. WORTH EVERY CENT!!!! Cindy, CA
  • Great!!

    I am on my feet all day from waitressing and I I absolutely love this! It got rid of my callouses and dry skin with ease! This works wonders. Bean, MN
  • This thing is amazing!!!

    Sandal season is just around the corner, and this product is wonderful, fast and gets the job done. I’ve tried so many other callus removers out there and this one is the best. Get it ,you won't regret it. Alita, VT
  • We Love this product!

    My husband said to me, “really you believe this thang works?” He tried it and looked at me and said “you better order you another one cuz this is mine”. So obviously we both LOVE it. Linda L., TX
  • AMAZING!!!

    I used to have hard, rough calluses. Not anymore! After using the first time, I can't say how impressed I am. The results get better and better with each use! My feet are smoother than when I come from the salon, and stay smoother longer. Buy this product, you won't be sorry! Maggie K., MO
  • Good Job!

    The Emjoi is awesome and I’m so glad I ordered it. I did have to use the product a lot (3 days in a row) for a long time to start. I thought it would do the job faster, but I suppose at the start, when not having a pedicure since the Fall nor using any other tool, that is to be expected. Glad I ordered it and sure I'll appreciate it more when Summer comes and I bring out the sandals. It may not do the job as fast as I thought but I still gave it 5 Stars. Gilda, OR
  • Recommend to everyone!!

    I had to buy one for my husband. He's uses scissors on his calluses and it draws blood sometimes. He's diabetic and I worry about his feet! He was against trying this at first, but now that he tried it, he LOVES IT! I even over heard him telling recommending it to his brother. I even decided to get one for me, and one for our daughter. All three have worked perfectly. I bought spare rollers too. Now our whole family has smooth feet! Great product for us! Katy B, WA
  • Finally!!

    I've tried numerous different products for removing calluses but none have worked like the Emjoi. This really removes the calluses and restores the look of healthy feet. I can see the pink on my skin again! I’m extremely happy with this product. Luna, OR
  • Smooth Feet are now possible!!!

    This product was very effective in smoothing out my poor, neglected feet. It’s messy the first time if your feet are bad, but the results are nice, smooth feet! Ann, PA
  • Awesome Product

    Great buy, I use it at least once a week. Since I am a Diabetic, I need to watch my feet close and this helps keeping them in great condition. Betina R., NV

    Love this product.....getting my piggies ready for spring/summer. Thanks for a great product! Kai, NY
  • Great!!

    I just purchased my second Emjoi. I took on vacation and my son tried it and loved it!!! So guess what? Yes, I gave that one to him, So I had to buy a new one for me. I’m even going to purchase another one for my other son soon since men love how it works as much as us ladies. This product is great for the ladies, but men love it too!!! Lisa, KT
  • Best Product!!

    I can’t recommend this product enough and it is the best product for your feet! Since we have a swimming pool, I'm outside in sandals or bare feet a lot. Even after a small amount of time out there, my feet start getting dry and ashy. After I bathe I use my Emjoi and my feet are good as new. I have already purchased more for presents for Christmas this year. Kari, FL
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