Micro-Pedi™ Cone Rollers

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The Micro-Pedi Precision cone rollers are specially designed for hard to reach calluses in between and under the toes. The unique roller spins 360°, at an amazing 30 times a second, to quickly remove dry, rough and callused skin in seconds.

  • Includes roller holder and 3 Precision Cone rollers for hard-to-reach calluses in between and under the toes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works with all Emjoi Micro-Pedi units

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3D Micro-Pedi Power
Plug-in Top Pick – Our newest, most unique model. Always consistent power and supplied with Flex rollers.
Micro-Pedi Tornado
Rechargeable Rechargeable and ergonomic. Comes with 2 extra rollers and 3 cone precision rollers.
Micro-Pedi Nano
Battery Ergonomic & portable. Makes a great stocking stuffer or party gift.
Micro-Pedi MAN
Battery Micro-Pedi is for everyone! Installed with a super coarse roller for men's tougher calluses.
Micro-Pedi Nano Corded
Plug-in Same as Nano, but with more consistent power and no need to change batteries.
Micro-Pedi Classic
Battery Classic Micro-Pedi design.
Micro-Pedi Pro
Rechargeable Powerful and rechargeable. Gift boxed with an extra roller included.
Emjoi Seal
Rechargeable Not just a Micro-Pedi but also an epilator for hair removal!
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